2015 Veterans Benefits Rates

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Veterans Benefits Rates (2015)

Basic, Aid and Attendance, Housebound

Please note:  The data below are expressed as annual and monthly figures.  The Department of Veterans Affairs adjusted the benefits upwards by 1.7% from the 2014 levels.   The chart below expresses the annual benefit levels as calculated by Bob Mason and may contain minor rounding errors (the VA, by statute authorizing the 1.7% COLA, rounds fractional dollar amounts UP to the nearest whole dollar when calculating monthly pensions . . . by regulation the VA used to round DOWN).  The DVA usually does not post “official” figures until January or February.

Annual Max Basic RateMONTHLY
Veteran, no dependents$12,868$1,072
Veteran, one dependent$16,851$1,404
Veteran, no dependent & housebound$15,725$1,310
Veteran, one dependent & housebound$19,710$1,642
Veteran, no dependent, and Aid & Attendance$21,466$1,789
Veteran, one dependent, and Aid & Attendance$25,448$2,120
Each additional child$2,162$180
Widow, no dependent$8,630$719
Widow, no dependent and housebound$10,548$877
Widow, no dependent and Aid & Attendance$13,794$1,149
Surviving child$2,198$183
Veteran married to Veteran, Both Aid & Attendance$33,136$2,761
5% med deduction vet $644

5% med deduction married vet $843

5% med deduction widow $432
Medicare Deduction$104.90