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Bob Gibson thinking about Medicaid planningYou’ve worked hard all your life for what you have. You’re concerned about being left destitute by long term care costs. You’d like to leave something of your hard work to your children. You’re tired of worrying about it all.

Maybe we’ve just described your parent. If so, you’re concerned about your mother’s or father’s health care needs, you are busy and don’t know where to start, your prime concern is making sure your parents’ assets are used in the best way possible for their care.

Or do you have a child or other loved one who is disabled? You do not know how to help financially and you are afraid to leave anything to this person under a will. Perhaps this person has won a large court settlement or received an inheritance… and now she is going to lose valuable Medicaid or Social Security benefits. We have solutions!

We can help you. Using state of the art mastery of complex trust, tax, testamentary, Medicaid, and VA law we can save you thousands, give you a sense of security and ease your troubled mind.

When nursing home costs are a concern, qualifying for Medicaid is a routine result for our clients given our insight and experience with Medicaid rules and regulations.

Learn more about our Elder Law practice and Special Needs Law practice here on this website. You’ll see that Bob Mason is a highly regarded certified elder law attorney (which also covers special needs law) who gets great results for families throughout North Carolina.

Because we have NC Elder Law and NC Special Needs Law clients throughout the state, we routinely consult with families and their advisors through teleconferences as an initial part of our engagements.

Look around…there is plenty to read. Perhaps start with NC Elder Law or NC Special Needs Law and then browse from there.


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